Haven House

Stuart Connelly

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Release: Saturday, November 16, 2013
Publisher: Amalgamated
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Binding: Kindle Edition

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H A V E N    H O U S E: a novel of homegrown terror.

It's a New York City architect's dream come true. Amy Armstrong has just inherited the ruins of a three-hundred-year-old stone farmhouse. But there's a reason she finds the property in pieces when she arrives in Covenant Parish, Pennsylvania to claim it.

If you love Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, Stephen King's The Shining, or Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby, don't miss this harrowing tale of family, farmland, and fear - Haven House.

Amy Armstrong is a pregnant Manhattan architect who inherits the ultimate restoration project-a 300-year-old farmhouse. She views the project and the rural town as a chance to start anew after a terrible assault. But there is some information about this inheritance, this property, and even the baby she's carrying that the townspeople don't want her to know.

Something evil, and on a very grand scale.

"Once I got started it was hard to stop, and I read it in about three gulps....This novel would make a very good horror film. Kudos to Mr. Connelly for this one." -- Garry Puffer, author of President Reagan's Final Message
"Great twists and unexpected surprises make this a thoroughly enjoyable read."

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