Minecraft (How To Design Amazing Structures Book 1)

Micah Walton

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Release: Friday, March 23, 2012
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This book will show you how to make any structure you can imagine come to life in Minecraft.Whether its gigantic sports arenas and bridges, or pixel art and home furnishings this book will show you how to build it with ease.

Ever wondered how people make such an accurate model of the Eiffel tower? Or make 50 meter tall pixel art of your favorite video game characters? Thought you had to be an artist to do it? Well you don’t. In this book I will show you how to design of your next masterpiece with fun and ease.

In this book you will learn...

* Insider tips on creating pixel art structures
* Tips for interior design
* How to build real life structures in game
* Minecraft resource guide
* And much more...

This book is suitable for the beginner and also contains insider tips for the experienced Minecraft player.

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